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Written by: Jason Gazaway

Here at CablesAndKits, not only do we sell great products and offer the best customer service you might ever experience online (shameless plug), part of our business revolves around reconditioning used network equipment and giving it a new lease on life. Just because something might not be “new” to you anymore or maybe it doesn’t meet your needs any longer, there is still life and functionality in the equipment. It is our job to save and “revitalize” that equipment then to turn around and make it available to someone else that can use it or needs it.

An example of this is the process and care we take with our used Cisco VOIP phones. We put our phones through an extensive process to refurbish and breathe new life into them. Our phones go through a thorough 4 step process (there are many “to-do’s” in each step) to be rejuvenated:

Step 1: Rescue

  • Our phones come to us from many different walks of life – some have been abandoned and left for dead, while some have lived the lavish lifestyle in a corporate business. Either way, our goal is to rescue, receive and refurbish these phones for them to have a new life and a new home.

Cisco Phone Rescue

Step 2: Inspection

  • All phones are physically inspected – Our staff is very thorough and picky with their examination of the phones.
  • Any phones with scratches or wear outside of the normal use are rejected from our main product line – As stated before we are very picky and we only want the best for you! Those rejected still get the needed attention, but they are placed gently and quietly in our clearance section.
  • All handsets are disposed of appropriately – We wouldn’t want to use them, and
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