Written by: Jason Gazaway

Have you ever wondered what the personality of your network is? If not, should you?  It is something to ponder. I mean think about it…

Is your network calm?

Is your network crazy?

Is your network energetic?

Is your network romantic?

Or maybe your network has a split personality…

Seriously, the personality traits of your network could go on and on. It would probably be in your best interest to nail down what its personality and mindset is so you can better support it, or change it!

Well, this is where we are here to help! We have broken down what all the colors mean as it pertains to your network. So let’s take a deep psychological look at what the color of your Ethernet cabling means for your network (or at least humor us in our feeble attempt at some lightheartedness). Don’t forget to let us know what personality your network has.

Ethernet Color Meaning

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