Written by: Jason Gazaway

Marketing Fish Friends

We have some awesome new little friends in the Marketing / Technology area here at the office. We have a fish tank now where we have 4 friends living. Their names are G-Bic, Router, Shin, and Redd. As you can see we took advantage of the area to continue showcasing our fascination of Legos – Aquaman and Merman are hanging with them in the shipwreck. Say hello to our little friends!


Q2 Planning Meeting

This week we had our Q2 planning session.  I must say, the view and environment at the place we had the meeting this time around were outstanding! We met in the boardroom at the Gwinnett Environmental & Heritage Center. This was probably one of the most relaxing meetings I have ever been in (due to the place, not the topics…haha! It’s going to be a busy quarter. More about that will come soon.) It really was an absolutely gorgeous setting to have the meeting.


Sales Team

And while the cat is away, the mice will play. This is what Martin, our Senior Account Manager, came back to at his desk.  I think this was the day that he had his best sales day, so maybe the frog should do more work for him! Haha! (Just joking…or maybe I’m not…)


Ethernet Color Wheel

We rolled out a fun little campaign this week on our Facebook page about the color of Ethernet and what those colors mean, specifically relating to your network. It should be pretty fun, so make sure you are following us on Facebook so you can keep up with the color wheel and find out exactly what all those different colors of Ethernet really mean for your network.


CK Bagel Day

It was CK Bagel Day on Monday! We enjoyed a wide variety of fresh bagels – some healthy and some not so healthy!  I think the spreads we had to go on them were possibly even more so healthy, but either way we enjoyed them and I figured I would share a pic of them. Sometimes you just never what kind of stuff will pop up from time to time around here, but we sure do enjoy it when it does!

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