Written by: Jason Gazaway

Ok, I will admit it, I am a bit of a geek when it comes to gaming.  Now, I might not be as hardcore as some people, but I still spend more time than I probably should playing my PS3. Right now my obsessions are Injustice, The Walking Dead, and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12. But enough about me, on to the topic at hand…

A couple of months back the epic battle of the ages began between the Sony Corporation and Microsoft with the official release of pre-orders for the new PS4 and Xbox One. Which both of these left the Wii curled up in the fetal position in the corner sucking it’s thumb. It was humorous to watch the rabid fans of each unit “dis” the intelligence of the other one. For the sake of keeping the balance of the multitudes, I will not state my personal opinion on which one is better, even though I am a tried and true PlayStation fan and believe that they have the best system out there, but that’s besides the point.  I will remain completely out of the argument…for now… (well, maybe)

The debate has seemed to heat up again as pre-orders continue to roll in more and more for each console.  The rest of us lonely souls, who do not want to pre-order, will have to wait for the ambiguous “holiday season” to get ours.  (Which the unofficial PS4 release date of November 13th was supposedly leaked out.) In the meantime, lets breakdown some of the major specs, besides the nifty new designs, on each of the units and then I will let you make up your mind. One of the biggest differences was the sharing capabilities – PS4 allows game sharing, Xbox One originally did not plan to. On June 19,2013, at the E3 Conference, Microsoft announced that it would be reversing its “always online” and game sharing restriction. Before this decision PlayStation released this great ad to assist those who did not understand the PS4’s stance on game sharing and to poke fun at the new Xbox:


Now this is not an all inclusive list, but a good overview:

PS4 vs XboxOne

There are tons of opinions, thoughts, and even information (some official, some unofficial, and some info that somehow managed to sneak its way out of the depths of the appropriate secret meeting room and make its way to the internet) coming out daily about these systems.  Just about any tech or gaming site out there has the updates and releases about these two new pieces of technology hitting the market.

I think the bottom-line with choosing one of these consoles is going to come down to your preference. (And the difference of $100.).  The PlayStation minions will stick with the PS4 and the Xbox crowd will stick with the Xbox One, for the most part.  There will be some crossover, and for those that have too much money to be wise with with probably get both. It just comes down to whether you want to toss out, trade-in, sell, or keep for sentimental value your old PS3 and Xbox360.  As for me, I will be hanging onto my PS3 for a little while longer. I have too much money wrapped up in it to make a change right now.  I might be swayed once I am actually able to get my hands and eyes on the new PS4. Now, Jeremy, our designer here at CK, has already pre-ordered his Ps4. I am sure he will make me jealous by telling me about all of the cool features, games and graphics.  I will have to try and be strong.

So, the BIG question is which will you get? Or will you stick with your old system, or even your Wii? Let us know your thoughts.

(And if you decide to move forward with a new system you can always get your HDMI cables from us!  Haha…you knew there would be a product plug in here somewhere, I mean I am in marketing.)

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