Written by: Jason Gazaway

CK Beard Off 2013

Well, we wrapped up our little CK Beard Off this week at the office.  A few weeks back we posted the starting pictures in our AWIR blog. It was a close battle, but at the end of the day Geoff  ended up taking the top prize! (a.k.a. he got to keep his beard!) The “Best Looking” beard went to Brian  (bottom pic).  Those of us with lighter colored hair did not fair well at all (pity party = over). At the end of the day we all felt the wrath of Geoff and his win, including Brian. From top to bottom, Jeremy ended up with just a plain ol’ creep mustache. Jason ended up with an “honest Abe” beard (We felt like he got off the easiest). Next up is me, I got the Fu Manchu mustache.  Then there was Brian…he got the big mutton chops.  Fun was had by all, and our faces are all returning to normal now. (Thank goodness!)


Megan and Corey

This week we would like to congratulate Megan and Corey on their new positions in the CK office.  Megan moved from our Inside Sales/Customer Service team over to our Purchasing team to become an Equipment Buyer.  Corey moved from our Shipping team to our Inside Sales / Customer Service team (yep, replacing Megan!). Both are settling well in the mischief, err…I mean work…of their new jobs and departments.  Congrats to both of them!


CK Blood Drive

If you have followed us for any amount of time you know about our passion for service and the community.  Today we had our second blood drive of the year.  Lifesouth came out and setup shop in our parking lot and we all started filing in to do our part.  Nobody fainted or got queasy this time around, just a couple of close calls. This is such an important service and opportunity to help those out there in need.  What we were able to provide today will touch lives of people we may never get to meet.  The weight of that thought is outstanding. I would encourage you and/or your business to set something up like this and have a blood drive or participate in one.  You never know the tremendous, life-saving impact you will have on an individual.


CK Random Pic of the Week

This is what is sitting behind me today.  Not gonna lie…it has been kinda creepy, yet comforting. This is what you get replaced with when you are not in the office.  This time around it is our designer, Jeremy. It is amazing though, a lot more work has gotten done today.

Frog Jeremy

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