Written by: Jason Gazaway

Jeremy's BirthdayThis week we celebrated the birthday of our amazingly talented, and a little bit crazy, Design Coordinator, Jeremy.  He is a little bit of a supper hero/comics and Lego buff, so we decorated his work area appropriately with Avengers, Spiderman,  Batman decor, and about a gallon of confetti.  The best way to imagine what it actually looked and felt like would be to think of a 6 year old boy’s birthday party. (Which is appropriate for him!) Also, he was not looking forward to turning 32 so much that we skipped it for him and went straight to 33.


CK Boxes

I thought this was a cool shot that one of the guys captured this week back in our warehouse area.  All of the nice, new CK logo’ed boxes all lined up to go to their new homes.  And we know y’all are excited (if you are one of the lucky ones getting one of those boxes) to get your M&M’s as well…haha…oh, and your equipment. (It’s ok, we know which of those are more important to you.)


Chicago Trip

Some of us in the Marketing & E-Commerce team took a trip up to Chicago for a Design & E-commerce conference. Of course, the information at the conference was top priority for us – stuff that will benefit all of you, but we couldn’t miss the chance to do a little site-seeing and enjoying some great Chicago food. We visited the Navy Pier, the Magnificent Mile (along with the big silver bean!), and caught some of the awesome architecture around town.  Food-wise, a trip to Chicago would not be complete without at least one trip to Giordano’s and Gino’s East for some good deep-dish pizza. It was a great trip all around and we are looking forward to implementing some of the new techniques and info that we learned to better serve our customers and fans.


Random pic of the week:

Our Sales Department did a team building activity this week where they had to pick a co-worker’s name out of a hat and make something out of pipe cleaners that reminded them of that person.  Not sure what some of these are, but they are very creative! LOL!

Sales Dept Team Building

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