Written by: Jason Gazaway

CK Sticker Madness

Have you caught the madness yet??? It is starting to go around! This week we rolled out our awesome new CK stickers and it has been quite fun seeing where these things are popping up, not only in the office but with our customers as well! Our staff has gotten very creative in showcasing the stickers, but so have some of you.  We have gotten a few pics of the stickers showing up on cars, phones, and even their children’s toys…haha! If you got a sticker already, please send us a pic of it “in action”, we would love to see how you are showing your CK spirit!


CK Lifework Team

This was a very exciting week for our leadership team here at CK!  Each of them graduated from the 2013 Lifework Leadership Program!  Lifework’s vision revolves around raising up a generation of business leaders who cross vocational, denominational, and racial lines to transform the minds and hearts of their companies, churches, and communities.  Our CEO, Craig Haynie, graduated from the program in 2012 and saw the impact that the lessons learned from Lifework would have on not only the way we do business, but on our staff, customers and our community.  He felt that it was important for the leadership team, as a whole, to experience this phenomenal life-changing event.  They have all put in a lot of hard work to make it through the program. Congrats to each of them!


New CK Shipping Boxes

We started using our newly designed CK boxes this week as well.  We wanted to be good stewards of our resources and hold off on using the new boxes until we got near the end of the old logo’ed box supply, and that time has arrived! Be on the lookout for one of the new boxes coming to you with your next order! (Plus, will get one of those nifty little stickers too!)


CK Homepage

It is just a week full of new things around here! (It never gets dull!) This week we rolled out some design tweaks to our homepage.  We are always trying to keep the customers in mind when we start making tweaks and figuring out new ways of presenting not only our products but the business.  With that in mind, we have moved some of our most popular products and categories front and center on the homepage in a more visually appealing way, as well as keeping our personality intact. We hope this will help get people, both new and returning visitors, to what they want and are searching for more quickly.


Stover Wedding

Well, another big congrats was in order this week as well! Jonathan Stover, our Product Management Team Leader, married his sweetheart this past Saturday! It was a beautiful, rustic outdoor wedding.  It was great seeing two people who are so in love walk down this path.

Ok, so enough of the lovey, dovey stuff…while Stover was on his honeymoon on the beach in Mexico, we decided to bring the beach back to him when he returns to the office next Monday. We gave him a little tropical hangout spot at his desk; including sun, water, sand (yes, real sand), and even some of the local wildlife – which decided to make use of the location to do a little sunbathing themselves!  In all seriousness, we are so happy for him and his new bride!


Random pic of the week…

Chick Fil A Dressing

This stuff is AMAZING!  If you have not tried the new Avocado Lime Ranch dressing from Chick-fil-A, you are missing out.  Seriously, I am eating this stuff on just about everything – chicken biscuits, sandwiches, eggs, french fries, etc. This stuff is addicting! I am not the only one here at the CK office that has embraced this beautiful creation! (Chick-fil-A did not ask us to promote this, but heck if they will send us a whole case of this stuff, I will shout it from the mountaintops!) I actually had some of it at both breakfast and lunch today – I think I have a problem…

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