Written by: Jason Gazaway

Monkey Name Release

Well, we started this week off with a bang! It was a very busy week. We had part 2 of our quarterly meeting to go over the financials for the previous quarter, but we had something else fun in store as well!  You have probably seen our little robot monkey hanging around in our emails, website, and print materials. The little fella has become a true part of the CK family and has fit right in quickly, but there has been one thing missing… a name! This week, the staff got to find out the name of the CK monkey (which they all voted on)  and hear his background story.  The guy is definitely a man…errr…monkey of mystery!  In celebration of the monkey finally getting his name  our President, Dave, led us in a toast of bananas and showed us how monkeys actually open and eat bananas – its not like you would think it would be!  We are very excited about his new name and we will be sharing it with the public very soon! Stay tuned!


New CablesAndKits Nav

Something else we were very excited about releasing this week was our new navigation for the website. Our goal was to make it easier for you, the customer, to get to what you needed quicker.  We went through and re-categorized some of our product lines – like Fiber Cables, Ethernet, and  Cisco Equipment – to make a little more sense and then we moved those product lines to prime property out front on the website. We also wanted to draw a little more attention to our “CK Outlet” where we have some amazing deals week in and week out. Our hope is that we are able to continue to make smart, useful changes to our site to make your experience an awesome one every time you visit us.


Jason - Marketing

Let me start off by stating that having to talk about yourself in a blog is a little weird, at least for me.  So, let me keep this short and sweet. This week, CK publicly announced my promotion to Marketing Team Leader.  I am very blessed and humbled to take on this role in the company. (I feel like I am doing an acceptance speech…I would like to thank the Academy, director Steven Spielberg, etc…) In this new role I will be overseeing the Marketing & Branding department, along with the internal & external communications. I have an amazing team  to do all the work, umm…I mean to help me out with everything. Some very talented guys in photography and creative design.  Our goal is to continue to raise the bar when it comes to not only what we are communicating, but how we are communicating it.  It is gonna be a blast!


Scooter Race

No week would be complete around the CablesAndKits’ office without some kind of competition.  This week it was a scooter race.  You may remember a while back how I mentioned that scooters had become a normality around here.  It was only a matter of time before a contest would come about, and I imagine this will not be the last one.  We have some VERY competitive people around here (especially Kyle!) As you can imagine Kyle won and took his victory lap but it was not without controversy – pushing, smack talk, and even the “Loose Wheel Scandal of 2013”. But, we will let this one stay in the record books…for now.


Sales Dollar Bill

When we told the ladies in the Sales department to eat, sleep, and breath dollars, we didn’t think they would take it this far.  But, we sure do like their focus! Maybe sales by osmosis?


Random CK picture of the week…

Here is a deer sticking its tongue out at you..

CK Deer

(Photo by Cris, our photographer.)

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