Written by: Jason Gazaway

Q2 Meeting

Well it was that time again, time for the Quarter 2 kick-off meeting! It is always a blast at these meetings…never a dull moment.  This time around we kicked it off with some Chick-fil-a biscuits and then everyone got ready to get to work and start “framing up” with their Home Depot aprons. This quarter our theme is Framing Up.  We have laid the foundations now we are starting to  build the walls around becoming Experts in Awesome.  We did a quick review of last quarter and what we were able to accomplish,  we also recognized our first set of Gold Star core value award winners for Q1:  It was a great meeting rolling out the plans for the quarter.  We are going to be busy, but our customers and community are going to reap the benefits!



We had a crazy amount of birthdays and CK anniversary celebrations this week!  It was kind of nuts, but we sure do like to party around here.  We celebrated the birthdays of Deneise (Sales), Matt (IT), and Jonathan (Product Management); and the employment anniversaries of Jonathan (Warehouse), Cris (Photography), and Michelle (Sales). It is always interesting to see how each celebration goes, between the food, decorations and pranks.  The desk pictured above is Jonathan’s.  It was a slight hodge-podge of stuff from around the office. Happy birthday and congrats to each of you! We appreciate everything you do for CK, and we are strong because of you!



Speaking of the birthday boy, Jonathan was promoted to Product Management Team Leader. We are very proud of Jonathan and thankful for everything he does and brings to the table here at CK.  He will be overseeing our combined Purchasing and Product Management department.  Leaning on his years of experience with networking equipment and the overall industry, we have full confidence that he will help us to continue to blaze the trails and open up new avenues for growth and product lines. Join us in congratulating Jonathan (and wish him a happy birthday while you are at it).



And I will give you a “not-so awesome” part of this week in review. Here in Georgia we might not get the winters that the Northeast and Midwest get, but we get something that wreaks havoc  on our sinuses…POLLEN.  I personally think this stuff is pure evil, and I could probably find many people out there that would agree with me.  As you can see from the picture above this stuff coats everything (just imagine what it looks like in our lungs!) Our parking lot and even the CK car could not escape the yellow wonderland.  We included the pollen counts for reference. (140 is considered high) Thursday and Friday we hit the 3rd and 4th highest pollen counts on record for the area…yay us! Sniff…sniff…


CK 80s day

All the 80’s ladies…all the 80’s ladies…(sorry I know bad joke…but I give credit to Beyoncé).  Like, Ok, so, it is like 80’s Friday at CK!  We totally got the staff decked out in 80’s wear and 80’s tunes blasting around the office.  Kevin (Warehouse) decided to celebrate the 1880’s instead of the 1980’s.  Of course I think that look was still popular in the 1980’s as well…Rock Me Amadeus by Falco, anyone?  We have had Michael Jackson,  Bon Jovi, Journey, The Bangles, and Wham! playing so far.  Admit it, you are now in the mood to throw on some 80’s jams and enjoy your day!


Added bonus… Me and Jonathan on a balloon bike (made by Kyle (Sales) – he has talent, huh?) Just shows the craziness of the week…Experts in Awesome or Awkward?


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