Written by: Jason Gazaway

First off, I apologize for the “Awesome Week in Review” being MIA for the past week.  I took a vacation day to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It was amazing! But, enough about that…on to the current Awesome Week in Review!

CK Roadtrip

This past weekend we had a few of our purchasing/sales guys take a little “roadtrip” down to Florida for an industry event in the CK mobile.  They left at 5-dark-thirty (before any of us were up!) and drove all day. It was cool though we had a cool little 10% OFF coupon code on the back of the car – gotta take advantage of any billboard we have!  The drive down seemed to inspire Carlos to wear his driving hat, but drive Jonathan to hide and sleep the whole way. (Thanks Geoff for the incriminating pictures!) There was a casualty on the trip though.  Carlos’ iPhone 5 was having a great time on the trip until it took a dive off the table. Poor Carlos…what’s this, your 4th one?


Geoff BDay

We also celebrated Geoff’s (from our Purchasing Department) birthday! As with most birthday’s around here, his desk space was appropriately decorated.  This would not be complete without a playful balloon with a “Yolo” Geoff stick figure on one side and a picture of Taylor Swift freaking out over his birthday on the other. I mean seriously, who wouldn’t freak out over Geoff’s birthday?


Colored Power Cables

Look at all those beautiful colored power cables! Nifty, huh? This week we announced the rollout of a new product line we are carrying to help our customers transform and organize their networking closets and server rooms into works of art! We got all kinds of lengths, colors, connectors, and gauges. Hop on over and check them out!



March 21st was a self proclaimed CK Puppet Day. (Yeah, it gets strange around here sometimes, but we wouldn’t trade it for anything). We had all kinds of hand puppets show up – a Moose puppet for our office Mountie, Mr Boo the Clown puppet, aliens, robots, self-portraits (Looks like Brian, right?), and even the CK Monkey made his appearance as a puppet.  Got to keep people guessing around here.


Gwinnett Chamber Small Business Awards

Finally, CablesAndKits received some amazing news this week.  We have been selected as one of the 2013 Top 25 Pinnacle Small Business Award winners, presented by the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce and  The Atlanta Journal Constitution.  (Of course after the above post about the CK Puppet Day they might reconsider.  Haha!)  We are completely humbled by this recognition.  As a company we strive to excel and grow in not only business, but to grow as well in innovation, vision, and community service. For me personally,  it is such an awesome blessing to be a part of a team that seeks to do the right things, to raise the bar, and to serve the community around us.

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