Written by: Jason Gazaway

You remember us talking about LEGO being so kind and giving a few LEGO construction guys to us to use with our yearly business theme (go HERE to see info about the theme), well we passed the little guys out this week to the staff, along with our new Core Value cards.  It seems that, unbeknownst to us, the little LEGO guys have made themselves right at home around office and settled into a daily routine of doing typical office things around here like fishing in the fish tank, bench pressing cars, taking naps, and umm…other “normal tasks”…sigh. I think they fit in very well around here.


Speaking of Core Values, we rolled out another cool thing around the office this week. We now have a Core Values – Wall of Fame.  The basis for this is that anyone in the company can submit the name of a co-worker, along with the reason why, to be recognized for something they have done during the week/month that lines up or represents one of our Core Values which are: Do the Right Thing, Serve Others, Raise the Bar, and Balance Life and Enjoy the Journey.  It has been really cool to see people encouraging and recognizing each other for things they are doing, and it seems to be picking up more and more speed every day that goes by.


For a while now, it has been a running joke in the office about Brian not having a laptop and not being able to be “mobile”. Well, today was the day that he got his brand spanking new laptop.  We had worked hard to keep it a complete surprise for him. Something like this could not go unnoticed and we never do anything halfway around here, so we had a party to celebrate.  You can join in and view the (rough) video of the parade and the celebration HERE! Be sure to wish Brian well with his “new” technology!


One of the ladies (Julie) in our Product Management department brought in something that I can truthfully say we have never had here at CK before – a MRE package.  MRE stands for Meal, Ready-to-Eat.  (More info HERE.)  Pretty much these things are used by the military for soldiers to eat when other food is not readily available.  Sounds appetizing, huh? Well, it turned out to be pretty decent.  (At least that is what they said, I didn’t get to try it.)  The “kool-aid” was good and the food wasn’t as bad as you might think it could be.

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