Written by: Jason Gazaway

What word comes to mind when you think of CablesAndKits? For me, it is the word “random”. I think it applies very well! You might look at the picture above and think to yourself, “What in the world?” I look at the picture above and think, “Just a typical day at the CK office.” What better way to express our randomness and fun than our version of the social phenom Harlem Shake! We will affectionately call it the CK Jig!  To view our version of the Harlem Shake click HERE.

Another case of randomness – which seems to be a theme around here this week.  Here we have two members of our marketing attempting to put together the little LEGO figures (BIG thanks to LEGO!) for an up coming release of our new CK CORE Value cards and info.  (Shhh…keep it a surprise!) This is what happens when we work together around here…one person is organized and one is building random things with all of the pieces, but we do play well together!

An amazing perk of working at CablesAndKits…I mean besides working with such awesome people and having a blast every day…is that the Leadership wants to pour into the team and have programs that help us out, not only here at work, but in our personal lives as well. This week we started our second Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University class. This semester we have one of our Rock Star sales guys (Martin) and the President of our company (Dave) are leading the course.  It is awesome to see people enlightened, educated, and encouraged when it comes to their finances.

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