Written by: Jason Gazaway

It was that special day of the year where there was an abundance of chocolate, love, and flowers everywhere…Valentine’s Day! (Or for all of those singles out there… Singles Awareness Day.) We decided to help “set the mood” in server rooms all across the world with a few of our own CK Valentine’s Day cards, which seemed to be a hit on our Facebook & Twitter pages.


Four of us went to a conference this week in sunny Orlando. We got to hear from some amazing speakers and meet some awesome people, but of course the a trip to Orlando would be crazy without a Disney experience. With that in mind, we decided to hit up four Disney parks in one day (yeah I know, crazy right?) We hit up Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Disney Hollywood Studios.  It was both awesome and insane at the same time! Craig, our CEO, is a Disney tour guide/experience genius!


This is what happens when your CEO is being funny and runs into the marketing area and jumps in our blow-up Star Trek chair.  (Yes, we always have a camera ready over here) He learned a valuable lesson…”Blow-up chairs are not stable and are not meant to have grown person’s body hurled upon”. Sounds like a great lesson to me, but it probably won’t be the last time it happens.


This week we celebrated  a couple of birthdays – Susan (HR) and Julie (Purchasing).  It is always interesting to see the differences in how certain people’s areas get decorated.  I think they tend to go easy on the ladies’ offices around here.  I mean just look back at Chris’ area when we celebrated his birthday last week.


The moose has struck again! We got another request for the moose – what is up with people liking moose drawings??? This time we decided to kick it up a notch and add a few “accessories.” It will be interesting to see what animals or items will be requested next. Maybe we should create a Pinterest board for all of these.

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