Written by: Jason Gazaway

It was a very eventful week here at the CK office! Lots of hype, lots of work and lots of weather…


On Wednesday, we had our first Quarterly meeting of 2013! It was an absolute blast!  As you can see from the picture, our theme for this year is a “building/construction” theme – we are looking to build CablesAndKits into the best it can be and truly become ‘Experts in Awesome” in every way possible to better support and take care of our customers! This quarter we are starting it off right by laying the foundation and “Doing the Right Things”. It is going to be an exciting year here at CK.


Our “rock star” Sales Director celebrated his 40th birthday this week!  He is getting a little slow in his old age, so we had to put up a caution sign so he wouldn’t injure himself with all of the excitement. We have to take care of our elders!


Here is Cris, our photographer and multi-media extraordinaire, working on getting one of the 1,567,893 switches, we got in this week, ready for pictures.  On a side note, it is very rare to catch a photo of Cris, he is like the elusive Bigfoot, but here we have it folks – Cris is real!


Speaking of switches, there was a very good reason why there was a mad rush on getting pictures of Cisco switches ready this week – we dropped one of our newly design switch emails! – click pic for full email!


We had this little thing called a “Winter Weather Advisory” for our area here in north Georgia on Thursday.  As you can tell from the picture it snowed like crazy – snowflakes as big as basketballs!  We had to help it out a little…It was a very wet day.  Leading to the next picture…


Two guys in our Account Management department had a little bet yesterday before they left work – Kyle bet it would snow last night after work and Martin said “no way!” Well, Kyle lost the bet.  Kyle had to show up this morning in running attire (it was very cold outside) and do a lap around the full building area. Kyle did it! He is such a good sport.  By the way, now Kyle is the leader of our Wellness Team here at CK – way to lead the way, Kyle!



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