Written by: Jason Gazaway

Hey you there… yeah you! The one reading this blog!

We have started a weekly blog in pictures to recap all (well, at least a taste of) the awesome stuff that’s happened here at CK during the week. Every Friday we will post new photos to recap the awesomeness, so stay tuned and enjoy the ride!

CK Football

The rematch of the century (well maybe not quite) Office vs. Warehouse flag football game took place on Saturday. The Office dominated with the final score 12 -6.


CK Frog

Cris, our photography guru, created a sculpture with a  paperclip (while he was supposed to be listening in a meeting, by the way!). What do you think it looks like? Check out our Facebook post to see what everyone was guessing and what it actually was!


Mandy's Cube

Mandy from our sales department returns from maternity leave to find her cube redecorated. (Check out the rest of the pictures HERE on our Facebook page.)



Kyle (on right), from our Sales department, helping out our shipping department. We shipped some mad orders this week. Mad meaning “awesome” and not angry or crazy… just to clarify.


CK Inventory

Cliff (on left) and Jon (on right), our two inventory gurus, working hard to keep our counts accurate. (Well, truthfully, it is either that or they have hacked the network and they are playing Halo.)


CK Sales Snowman

This is what happens to old Christmas decorations that are left up.

Fun Fact: A swagman is an old Australian and New Zealand term basically meaning migrant workings who traveled by foot to farm to farm carrying a swag aka bedroll. (Bet you didn’t know that – You just got educated!)



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