Written by: Jason Gazaway

It’s Fun Hat Friday (FHF) here at the CK office! We have some very creative (and weird – yes, we can say that because we have embraced it) people here at the office.  Always a fun time around here! Which hat is your favorite? Have any recommendations for hats for the next FHF?


Our new concept designer, Jeremy, creating a jumbo shrimp for a promo piece. Some days I stop and wonder what exactly is going through his mind when he is coming up with this stuff, then I get scared and immediately stop wondering…it is safer that way. Sometimes ignorance is bliss! (Especially when he sits right next to me.)


If you remember we shared a picture of our CK flag football game a few weeks back, well Butch, our superstar Warehouse Manager, broke his wrist – in 5 places – and had to have surgery (note the injury and x-rays above).  He returned to work this week to find that his team had “re-decorated” his office space for him.  I mean seriously, who doesn’t need like a million Styrofoam popcorn pieces in your office??? Welcome back, Butch!



We put the final touches on our new CK Core Values card this week – front of the card pictured above. It’s awesome to work at a company and be a part of a team where the focus is on the right things in not only business, but in life, as well.  Our core values are: Do the Right Thing, Serve Others, Raise the Bar, Balance Life and Enjoy the Journey. We will have more about our new core values very soon – We are super excited about them!


Corey, one of our creative, yet sneaky, warehouse guys, just celebrated his one year anniversary with CK. (Great job, dude!) As you can see from the pic above, after a hard day’s work of packing and shipping all of the orders, he flies off to help a damsel in distress, rescue a kitten from a tree, or solve world peace. We are not 100% sure, but we did hear that he beat up Superman one time.

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