Written by: Jason Gazaway

What’s red, white and cool all over? Our totally decked out “experts in awesome” wheels, which rolled into our company meeting on August 1 and rocked everyone’s world!

If you live in the ATL, look for our “awesomeness in motion” at industry events or just zipping around town. It’s kind of hard to miss…and the best news is, it’s only the first of many cool things to come from CablesAndKits.

Oh, and by the way…you may have also noticed a new face on our car, our website and in our e-newsletters. It’s the fantastic CablesAndKits flying robot monkey!

As developed expressly for CablesAndKits by our friends at Mighty 8th Media, our robot monkey is the personification of our “experts in awesome” culture: Slightly mischievous, yet fully engaged in serving our customers’ needs.

He was made to be a friendly, approachable friend who’s technologically savvy and always there for you…just like CablesAndKits.

Sometimes he’ll be front and center to draw your attention to great deals—and other times, you’ll notice him just frolicking in the background.

As he and his jetpack landed mysteriously at our warehouse recently, we really don’t know a whole lot about him yet. We DO know that he comes from a faraway place and possibly a different time, but really that’s about all for now. Stay tuned and we’ll all get to know him in the days to come!

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