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Written by: Jonathan Stover

Navigating the jungle of terminology, acronyms and part numbers can be daunting in the field of telecommunications. Anyone attempting to determine and buy cabling can attest to this.  Improper data cabling will cause a logical error. With power cables, using the wrong type can cause physical failure such as fires and electrical shock. The stakes are higher. Luckily the abundance of documentation and regulation assure that anyone seeking direction to deploy the correct cord can find the information they need to choose the right cord and avoid common pitfalls, damage and injury that comes with electrical failure.

Common Terminology:

Amperage (amp): This term refers to the amount of electrons that are moving in the circuit. This is also “how much” electricity there is.

Voltage: This refers to how much force is behind the electrons, or how fast the electrons are moving.



When choosing a power cord there are (3) main attributes to be aware of:

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