Written by: Jason Gazaway

The man is constantly moving. He doesn’t stop all day unless he has to tie bowties on his Adidas Sambas (robust indoor soccer shoes). When he steps onto the soccer field the lights dim and he steals the limelight. His name is Albert and he is part of our Shipping team. The man can play soccer. Too bad he doesn’t play for our team.

Albert committed to another team in the same league we joined (how ironic). When he had to make a decision to play for the brand new CNK indoor soccer team or his current team of semi-pros (currently in 1st place), he wisely chose to stick with his current team. After all, Albert likes to win and he is not shy to admit it. Week after week he would hear our sob stories of how we lost 24-0 or 25-1. Then one day he decided to play hero. He put on his cape and stuck his chin squarely up in the air and said, “Do you guys need my help tonight?” That must have been a rhetorical question because he knew the answer without any of us saying a word.

The almighty Albert plays soccer with his co-workers.

What is pizza without cheese? What is Batman without Robin? What is your server room without Kendall Howard racks? One word answers all of these questions, incomplete. The final piece to the puzzle was missing and all long he was hiding in the shipping department. Surprisingly, we still lost. But wait, we only lost 6-2. Ladies and gentlemen, we started the season losing games by 25 goals and finished the season losing by 4 goals. In simple words, that is impressive.

We made the playoffs! Actually, everyone makes the playoffs. I’m sure some team is ecstatic they get to play us in the first round. Who knows? Maybe we could be the surprised underdog team that makes it to the finals and takes it all. There is always a chance ;).

Note from the Editor: I have had this blog in my inbox for a month. Busy with this and that I never approved it to go live. Shame on me! Now I try to make amends. Craig

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