Written by: Jason Gazaway

CablesAndKits plays soccer

“If Craig will play, I will play,” says Sajan, our Warehouse Manager. Not a smart thing to say to the CEO of CablesAndKits. Put a stamp on it and mail it, we officially have a soccer team.   

A soccer team? Ehh, we have a team! We have nice uniforms, but to call us a soccer team may be saying the glass is half-full. What we have is a highly motivated group of individuals, who smile at the word impossible, and are not afraid to step into a new frontier that doesn’t resemble their couch.  Why start out playing in the amateur division when we can step right into the lion’s den and join the highly competitive “semi-pro” league? Go BIG or go home.

Two games on the books and Vegas wasn’t betting on us

VICTORY! In one sense, yes, VICTORY! We made it through the game, all 50 minutes of it. The score? What score? I thought we weren’t keeping score! The score doesn’t matter. We played hard and to the best of our ability every minute we were on the field. We started the first game with a basic understanding of the game: “Don’t use your hands” and “Kick the ball that way”. In the second game we had a grasp on “most” of the rules, and knowing the rules definitely helps.

Overall, we made it through the first two games alive and with little use of the recently purchased “in case of soccer emergencies” breathing machine. We are having fun! We are learning something new and using our bodies for something other than a holding place for our brains.

The score? Stay tuned.

Note from Craig: “I didn’t have a clue what I was getting myself (and the rest of us) into!”

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