Written by: Craig Haynie

I think something is catching on around here. After I knocked the cobwebs off the blog people started coming out of the woodwork with blog ideas. I decided that stealing all their ideas and putting my name on them was wrong (and just too time consuming), so I am doing the next best thing; forcing them to write articles for me!


So I think I am on to something. Blog minions!

Seriously though, people are getting very excited about writing for the blog and being a part of showing you inside our company. As of right not there are no less than 5 articles being worked on by folks throughout the company, and more ideas are coming alive every day. Sometimes you have to remind people that they indeed DO have things to write about, and that is something I have taken upon myself and really enjoy.

So the good news is, you will be hearing from people other than me. : )

Till next time,

Craig Haynie – CEO

(The video above is from the movie “Austin Powers”, image above is of “minions”  from the recent movie “Despicable Me”)

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