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Written by: Shanyce Watkins

Last weekend, CablesAndKits hosted the 3rd Annual Family Fun Day supporting Rainbow Village, a transitional housing community for homeless families with children. Serving Others is a core value that CablesAndKits employees incorporate in their daily lives. The “I’m for you” mentality as well as perpetually seeking ways to assist others embodies the Serve Others mantra.

CablesAndKits provided a circus-themed fun day that included a delicious BBQ meal, a face-painting clown, and a cake walk. Parents and children of all ages participated in the various activities along with our employees’ children. The day was filled with activities such as making origami animals, a ring toss, and they even had the opportunity to test their strength on the high strike.

The main event, however, was the infamous dunk booth, where the fiancé of one of our Customer Support Specialists took a chance with the collapsing seat as the children of Rainbow Village tried their hand at throwing the ball at the target.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to bless these children and their families with a day of fun.

Here are some pictures from CablesAndKits employees who attended the family day:


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Written by: Shanyce Watkins


April 22, 2015 marks the 25th anniversary of Earth Day, a day we celebrate the birth of the modern environmental movement.  Today we celebrate Mother Nature and highlight the different ways we can help save the planet in our daily lives while working for any tech-savvy company.

Here are five steps you can take to help save the Earth and build sustainability into your daily operations:

  1. Switch computers off at the end of the day
  • Computers should be turned off at the close of business and on weekends to save energy. According to IBM, by telling their employees to turn off their computers for at least one hour each day, can save the company $1 million per year in energy cost.
  1. Use recycled paper and double side Printing
  • Using recycled paper not only saves trees but it also helps to save energy, water and landfill paper. The recycled paper produces less pollution that is essential for a healthy environment. In efforts to save trees, double side printing will be a great start. By using half the amount of printing paper, you will in turn save some money while being eco-friendly.
  1. Use the Cloud
  • The cloud is a network of servers that can store all your saved documents and data with accessibility from anywhere.  The cloud gives you the capability to share documents with coworkers without having to print. Using the cloud gives you the opportunity to save energy and the earth by reducing the need to print documents.
  1. Source energy efficient servers and VOIP Phones
  • Brands such as Cisco provide a program named EnergyWise on their products that measure and control energy between the network devices and endpoints. Company’s such as CablesAndKits offer products that are energy efficient to helpful in more than the intended reason.
  1. Use a laptop instead of a desktop computer
  • Laptops use less power than a desktop. Most desktops consume between 70 and 200 watts while in use, while laptops use between 15 and 60 watts. Laptops tend to use less electricity than a desktop in turns uses less energy.


Many times we overlook the one thing that can be a huge energy drain- our computers. Let’s help out our beautiful world and make a difference!

Did we miss any helpful tips? Comment and let us know or tweet us @cablesandkits using the hashtag #EarthDayatCK

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Written by: Jason Gazaway

If you know anything about CablesAndKits or have been around us for any amount of time, you know that service is at the heart of who we are – whether that is serving our customers, our community, or each other. The concept of serving means so much to us that we stated it as one of our core values:

Serve Others
We act with an “I’m for you” mentality and perpetually seek ways to assist others. We collaborate with humility and appreciation to positively impact our team, our customers, our vendors, and others within our sphere of influence.

This past month, CablesAndKits hosted the 2nd Annual Family Fun Day supporting Rainbow Village, a transitional housing community for homeless families with children. This organization is doing an incredible job of serving families by providing long-term solutions and support, and we loved having the opportunity to serve them as well. Parents and kids of all ages came out to enjoy the fun as CablesAndKits employees and families hosted various activities, games and contests. The day was filled with finger painting, jewelry making, corn hole, ladder ball, and

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Written by: Jason Gazaway

With broken hearts, we are all aware of the devastation that has taken place in Oklahoma. The pictures and videos that we have all seen on the news will stay with us for a long time. Many of us have cried over the children and others whose lives were lost, and we have rejoiced over the stories of true miracles that have taken place.

At CablesAndKits, one of our core values is to ‘Serve Others”. We feel this is a prime opportunity to serve the people and communities affected by this tragic event, and at the same time share the love of Christ with them.  The families that are affected by this disaster have immediate physical needs and we want to help. We also need to keep them in mind and in prayer as they continue to recover and work through all of the emotions during this time.

CablesAndKits is joining with Journey Church, a local church in the area affected, to help serve the communities that have been destroyed by the tornadoes. In speaking with the church, their immediate needs are both money and supplies. CK and staff are going to help and we want to get the word out to all of you so you know the ways in which you can help also.

Two of our awesome team members, Denisia and Jordan, are spearheading this initiative and have been working very hard to get everything set up here at the office.  We are making our office available as a collection site for others in the community and surrounding areas that want to contribute supplies.  We are planning several

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Written by: Jonathan Stover

Core Values…We talk about them around our office.  Phrases like “What’s at your core?” can be heard and repeated until they blend into the background noise.  Sadly, sometimes we simply dismiss these phrases because we assume what they voice are present.  In this case, association does not result in manifestation.  In order to embody our Core Values it requires taking the words off the page and living them out.  It involves getting hands dirty and tough conversations.  This is how you differentiate an idea from a lifestyle.

Among the values we hold at CK, the one that’s more central, pivotal, and resonates the deepest and loudest within me is Service.  The act of serving, loving, supporting and just being there for those around you, both inside and outside your immediate circle of influence, is a way to demonstrate and live out Service.  At CK we put action to our beliefs through projects and initiatives designed to express this.  Projects like the one we recently completed with Street Grace.

Street Grace is an organization that fights the commercial sexual exploitation of children. They mobilize resources, advocacy, prevention, and restoration. Prevention is always better than a cure. That’s why Street Grace maintains a network of resources, mainly in the form of facilities which provide environments and situations designed to mitigate the chances children will end up on the streets and in the sex trade. In part, the organization does this through homes that provide safety, securi

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Written by: Mandy Bentley

This past Saturday the employees here at CablesAndKits had an opportunity to do something really amazing!  Susan, our HR coordinator extraordinaire, notified us of an opportunity to serve our community along with an organization called Compassion in Action / 12Stone.  What better way to spend a beautiful, October, Saturday morning and afternoon than serving the Gwinnett County Special Needs School?!?!?

Our team met at 12Stone around 8am to sign in and change into the t-shirts that  the organization provided us.  Then we met in the auditorium for some motivational music and speaking.  As I entered the auditorium, I was taken back with the amount of people (around 2,200 to give you an estimate) that all chose to spend their Saturday morning serving others in our community  through several different projects.  For me, personally, it was one of the most incredible things that I have ever been involved with, and that is an understatement.

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Written by: Michelle McCullers


If you are a frequent CablesAndKits blog reader, you may know that we like to lend a helping hand, or “PAW” in this case, whenever possible. We have participated in several community outreach projects over the last several months and I must admit, they all have been very touching experiences.

We volunteered at PAWS Atlanta a few weeks ago and it is something I will never forget. PAWS Atlanta, formerly known as the Dekalb Humane Society, was founded in 1966. They provide medical care, shelter, nutrition, basic training and love to homeless cats and dogs until their permanent, safe homes are found. PAWS is a no-kill shelter and they do not euthanize because of space constraints. They are a non-profit organization and rely 100% on donations, so we decided to help them out!

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Written by: Susan Barge

As a company, we love serving our community in many different ways.  In the past, we have done several hands-on projects, raised money, and collected food for various agencies. Of course, there are many people who need and ask for help, but the minute two young men approached me about supporting the North Gwinnett Robotics Club, I knew I had to bring it before the owners.  Why did we choose to support them, you ask?

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Written by: Christin Haynie

By: Jonathan Stover, Michelle McCullers and Ryan VanEmburgh

The following blog has been written by three separate CnK team members and edited and melded together by me, Christin. We wanted to take a little time to tell you a little about our end of the year Community Outreach projects. All of these projects were successful, not just for the need that was filled, but for the reminder to us about what is really important and how blessed we are to have our work, our homes, and our families.

Let’s just face it, we have it pretty good. Your car won’t start? At least you have one. You’re a little late on your mortgage payment? At least you have one.  Having some difficulties at work, well, let just face it, you’re lucky you have a job at all. The same can be said about so many aspects of our lives. Even those most fundamental, rudimentary things we tend to overlook and take for granted. Even those things that mean the most, like family.

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Written by: Mikaela Dailey

Ever since our fearless leader talked about CablesAndKits reaching out to the community my mind’s been churning. What could I do to help? My schedule’s full and time is short. I want to help but don’t have time to make a difference…

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