Written by: Jason Gazaway

Why CablesAndKits?At CablesAndKits, our tagline “Experts in Awesome” might sound a little self-serving, but it really is meant to be the exact opposite.  While we definitely do believe we are the best at what we do (can you blame us?), we do it so that you, the customer, can have an “awesome” experience with us.  Whether you’re dealing with pricing, products, warranties or customer service, we want you to walk away feeling completely and utterly awesome about how things turned out.

We operate our business on some very concrete principles and core values. These values differentiate us from some of the other guys but, more importantly, they ensure that we give you what you need when you need it.  After all, becoming the world’s largest dealer of Cisco accessories did not happen overnight or for no good reason.

Principles in Action

When deciding how we wanted to operate our business, we started by thinking about the people we serve—you. We knew we wanted everything we did to actually help you.

Maybe we could help you get your network back up quickly. Maybe we could help prevent a network problem. Maybe we could save you money. Maybe all of the above. Maybe more.

When all is said and done, there are three key principles—quality, service and availability— that let us do just that.

Quality Quality

From Ethernet cables to server racks to switches, your network requires failproof performance. The disruption that a faulty power supply can cause to your business is simply not acceptable. The quality of your networking equipment and accessories, therefore, matters greatly.

At CablesAndKits, you can count on:

Industry Leading Technology
All products are not created equal. For this reason, we work to secure the highest quality cabling, accessories, and equipment to have available for our customers. And Cisco’s reputation for quality is unparalleled and that makes them one of the ideal manufacturers for us—and for you.

“Personal” Company Pride
Let’s just say our parents raised us right. We actually take pride in a job well done. Our company’s performance is a reflection of our personal performance and vice versa. We put our heart into what we do so that you can trust in the quality of what you buy from us.

You may not be the center of the universe at home but you are with us. When you need help selecting the right product, our staff actually listens to you, learns about your situation and then makes recommendations. Yep. Sometimes it really is all about you.

As an IT professional, you’ve got an inordinate amount of things to track and keep running every day. The last thing you need is for your entire network to go down because of a faulty cable or a bum router. Stick with us and you’ll be fine.

Service Service

For us, good service is not good enough. Great service is still not enough. We work for service you would call extraordinary, sensational, awesome, fantabulous and maybe even out-of-this-world.

What does this incredible service look like? We’re glad you asked. It looks something like this:

Same-day Shipping*
We’re pretty sure that “patience” is a bad word in some businesses. Even if you don’t mind waiting, our guess is your boss does. All expedited orders placed by 8:00PM EST will ship same day. (Some restrictions apply. Click link for details.)

Free Shipping on Orders over $99*
What starts off as a great price can quickly become bad once shipping charges are added. Fortunately for you, it’s pretty easy to spend more than $99 on business’ critical networking equipment and accessories. (Some restrictions apply. Click link for details.)

Lifetime Warranty w/Lifetime Advance Replacement
Ok, let’s face it…sometimes problems happen. That’s why we back every one of our products with a free lifetime warranty and lifetime advance replacement. When you report a problem with a product, your replacement will be shipped out that very day. Also, if you decide you don’t want or need a product you ordered within the first month, simply return it. No questions asked. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Real People, Real Help
Sure, we help people run networks and all kinds of techy things but that doesn’t mean we’re averse to human interaction. You’ll find no chatterbots here, only real people ready when you need us to answer whatever question you may have.

We know that you can look elsewhere for your network equipment and accessories but we want you to shop with us. We believe you will be more satisfied because your job will ultimately be made easier thanks to our service. That’s our promise to you.

Availability—Ready When You Need It Availability

So we’re back to that ‘waiting is a bad word’ concept again. Whether you are engaging in an overhaul of your network configuration or have an urgent problem to address, you cannot waste time shopping for out-of-stock or back-ordered items.

In addition to an incredibly large selection, our real-time inventory system lets you know right away what is available. With CablesAndKits, you will not get through your shopping only to find out while in the midst of your checkout process that a particular product is not available.

In the rare instances when we are out of what you need, we work with you to get it in your hands as soon as possible. That’s just how we roll.

It All Adds Up

To really be “Experts in Awesome”, just selling great stuff is not enough. Just being nice folks is not enough. Just having things in stock is not enough. We believe that all of those things and more are needed. We’re proud of our nerd status because it means we know our products. We’re also proud of our personalized service because it means we know our customers.

Hop on over to our Why CablesAndKits page for a more detailed look at how CablesAndKits serves it customers and get an inside glimpse of our culture.

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