Written by: Jason Gazaway

Well, our Awesome Week In Review has been M.I.A. for a while. I decided it was time to bring it back since there has been so many requests for it. We hope you enjoy the peek behind the CK curtain as much as we enjoy experiencing it. So, without further ado… on to the pictures!

 New Blue CK Stickers
Switch, our mascot, is feeling a little blue lately… haha! (bad pun… ) This week we rolled out our special edition blue Switch stickers in all outbound packages. We will have a different Switch sticker every few months – different color and design. Collect them all! Submit your ideas.


CK Cups

Our new CK cups started showing up around the office this week. Part of our “green” initiative was to keep the staff from having to use plastic or Styrofoam cups. Now they can use their nifty Switch cup and drink in style. Pretty cool, huh?


CK Fantasy Football Champ

 Well, we wrapped up the NFL season last Sunday with the Superbowl (#embarrassing #Broncos), and Mandy, one of our awesome Account Managers, was officially crowned the CK Fantasy Football Champ. She fought hard and won the championship in a tough battle with yours truly. I  mean I was winning up until the last minute of the game, but I am not bitter at all… haha. Great job Mandy… watch out next year!


Sochi Olympic Games

This week starts the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. I am a bit of an Olympic nut, along with several other people around the office. I am personally looking forward to catching the bobsled, men’s hockey, and snowboarding events. Stay on the lookout for our CK Olympic updates throughout the competition.


Martin doing cubicle push-ups

And here is Martin, our senior Account Manager, doing push-ups on top of the cubicles one morning this week. Don’t judge… we take health and exercise very seriously around here!

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