Written by: Jason Gazaway

The Tale of 2 CablesAndKits

If you were anywhere near the South or East coast then you experienced what some of us at CablesAndKits experienced… snow and lots of it! This is the tale of two CK’s… all those at the office felt Old Man Winter’s sting when it started snowing and icing on Tuesday, while a few of us were at a conference this week enjoying some awesome, sunny, 80 degree weather. You can see this reflected in the pictures above from when the snow started falling at the CK office and then a couple of pics I sent back to the office from the conference. (I am mean, I know. And yes, my life has been threatened.) We ended up with anywhere from 4 inches to 8 inches of snow. It is mostly gone now and everything is back to normal!


CK Facebook 5000 Fans

This week we celebrated an awesome milestone here at CK – we reached the 5000 fan mark on our Facebook page! We are super excited about this and are very grateful for all of our awesome fans! (Not only on Facebook, but all social sites!) Five of our fans were selected to win a special prize from CK in celebration. (Congrats to them!) Thank you again to our amazing fans, followers, customers, and vendors for being so awesome and making CK better and better everyday!


CK Valentine's Day Comic

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air…

Here is a little funny IT humor we created for you on this day of love.  May you eliminate all single points of failure for that person that has captured your heart. Enjoy!

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