Written by: Jason Gazaway

Craigs Bday

This week we celebrated a few very awesome birthdays around the office – both Craig & Christin (our Owners) and mine! (I will let you figure out whose was the most important. I will not get into that debate.) Above is the end result of the fun we had trashing…errr…,I mean decorating with love, Craig’s office. There were even racks of inventory that showed up in his office…yes, that is the randomness of this place! It is never a dull moment around here when it comes to celebrating birthdays and partying.


Well, sometimes the celebrations are not as enjoyable for us.  Especially when we have team members moving on to their next stage in life.  This week we had two team members depart from CK – Kyle, from our Sales Account Management team, and Jonathan from our Shipping team.  Kyle is moving off to Florida to hang out with Mickey Mouse and play on the beaches. Jonathan is going back to school full time. Here are a few pics of their send offs:

Kyle Going Away

Jimenez Going Away

We wish both of them the best of luck.  And as always here at CK, you might leave the building, but you never leave the family.


Mandy moves to End User

Now I won’t say it didn’t take long for us to fill Kyle’s spot, but I would like to say that we would like to congratulate Mandy on her move from our Customer Service department over to our Sales Account Management department.  Mandy has been with CK for a long time and is truly a shinning star in the company. We are so excited to have her in the new position and look forward to watching her break sales records and beat up on the guys in the department. (She is the only female in that area.) Good luck, Mandy!


CK Reviews

You might ask, “What is this?”  Well, this is our new review system on the site. Nifty, huh? We are very excited about this new feature for two reasons – 1. It helps us gain better feedback from our customers about the products we carry and the service we provide. 2. It helps you, the customers, gain insight on the products easier and find the right one to meet your needs as well as see what other customers have to say about that specific product. If you have purchased a product from us, be sure to hop out there and write a review on your specific item. We would greatly appreciate it!


CK Random Pic of the Week!

Well, I figured instead of just posting one picture this week, I would just give you a snapshot and the link to our Pinterest page. (The epitome of randomness – and time wasting!) I encourage you to checkout our “Funny Networking/Technology” board. Enjoy!

CK Pinterest

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