Written by: Jason Gazaway

Ok, now that we are all singing “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang in our heads…

If not, this will help!


Instead of doing the normal Awesome Week In Review this week, I have decided to take a slightly different route and share a monumental occasion here at CK and let you in on the fun a little bit. (Don’t worry there will still be pictures…and videos!)

Here at CablesAndKits one thing you will notice is that we work hard and we play hard. One of the core values of the business is “Balance Life & Enjoy the Journey”. Not only do we take the business side of things very seriously, like finding the best price on equipment, taking care of the customers, taking care of our employees, and the list can go on and on; but we take celebrating seriously too! VERY seriously! Last month, was the best month in the history of the company on several levels. It was awesome to see the team as a whole pull together to strive to hit the common goal of shattering records all over the place. In celebration of this historic moment, we took some time away from the office and went to Dave & Busters to have a little fun, a little food, and a little bowling. To say that the day was a blast is a huge understatement. It was great being able to hangout with the whole CK team while kicking back and relaxing. The day consisted of

a humorous version of wacky bowling, race car driving, scary 4D adventures, and ticket redemption.

The wacky bowling was by far was the most interesting. We broke the team up in groups of six and then had certain types of bowling that each member had to do:

Wacky Bowling

This activity inspired some very fun pictures and videos. I am not going to take up all of your time talking about the celebration. I will let the pictures and videos speak for themselves. Enjoy!


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