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Written by: Jason Gazaway

Ok, now that we are all singing “Celebration” by Kool and the Gang in our heads…

If not, this will help!


Instead of doing the normal Awesome Week In Review this week, I have decided to take a slightly different route and share a monumental occasion here at CK and let you in on the fun a little bit. (Don’t worry there will still be pictures…and videos!)

Here at CablesAndKits one thing you will notice is that we work hard and we play hard. One of the core values of the business is “Balance Life & Enjoy the Journey”. Not only do we take the business side of things very seriously, like finding the best price on equipment, taking care of the customers, taking care of our employees, and the list can go on and on; but we take celebrating seriously too! VERY seriously! Last month, was the best month in the history of the company on several levels. It was awesome to see the team as a whole pull together to strive to hit the common goal of shattering records all over the place. In celebration of this historic moment, we took some time away from the office and went to Dave & Busters to have a little fun, a little food, and a little bowling. To say that the day was a blast is a huge understatement. It was great being able to hangout with the whole CK team while kicking back and relaxing. The day consisted of

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Written by: Jason Gazaway

It was a warm, spring day. Not unlike any other spring day in Atlanta, GA. The sun was shining, the breeze felt warm, and of course there was pollen everywhere. Just your regular day in Georgia.

Then something happened…the weather turned from bright and sunny to overcast and chilly. Now, truth be told, this too is not unlike any regular Georgian day. As they say, “If you ever get tired of the weather in Georgia, just wait a minute.” But this wasn’t your typical turn-on-a-dime change in weather. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but something was amiss.

Then I heard it. A loud sound. It wasn’t a boom. It wasn’t a bam. It was more like an elongated “fizzle and a sizzle”. The closest thing I can think of is the sound Dr. Frankenstein’s laboratory makes right when he pulls the switch and all those electrodes start flicking.

Comic Pod

I ran into the warehouse and saw the same thing the rest of the gang saw. There in the middle of aisle 23, between the rack of our Cisco 2950 routers and the HP L306 power cables was a pod. A tall, shiny pod. A tall shiny GLOWING pod. With one red button. (Now I’ve seen my fair share of funny things in our warehouse, but never anything like this!)

As we all stood around it, we waited to see who would be the first to approach it.

We stood for a long time.

A really long time.

I think we all kinda felt like we were in an episode of Star Trek, and nobody wanted to be the red shirt guy. (you know what we mean…) Finally our fearless leader Craig, being the role model he is (or maybe it was because it was delaying shipping orders for so long),  walked up to the box.

Comic Craig

“There’s writing on it.” He called back to us. Just beneath

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Written by: Jason Gazaway

Craigs Bday

This week we celebrated a few very awesome birthdays around the office – both Craig & Christin (our Owners) and mine! (I will let you figure out whose was the most important. I will not get into that debate.) Above is the end result of the fun we had trashing…errr…,I mean decorating with love, Craig’s office. There were even racks of inventory that showed up in his office…yes, that is the randomness of this place! It is never a dull moment around here when it comes to celebrating birthdays and partying.


Well, sometimes the celebrations are not as enjoyable for us.  Especially when we have team members moving on to their next stage in life.  This week we had two team members depart from CK – Kyle, from our Sales Account Management team, and Jonathan from our Shipping team.  Kyle is moving off to Florida to hang out with Mickey Mouse and play on the beaches. Jonathan is going back to school full time. Here are a few pics of their send offs:

Kyle Going Away

Jimenez Going Away

We wish both of them the best of luck.  And as always

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