Written by: Jason Gazaway

CK Beard Off
It’s an old fashion beard off around the CK office. Awesome, right? Yes, this may be an attempt by some of the guys around here to exert their manliness, but it is all in good fun, right? Facial hair is always a topic of discussion and held in high regards around the office, even to the point to where Geoff and Brian from our Product Management department cried a bit when they shaved their beards off for the contest. The contest will last two weeks and prizes will be awarded to the longest beard and the best looking. The clean-shavin’ crew above are the ones participating this time around – from top-left – Me, Jason S., Brian, Jeremy, and Geoff (center). Trust me when I say it has been a true competition, even to the point of where Brian and Geoff were researching vitamins to take to help their beards grow faster. Be on the lookout for a blog soon with the winners and pics of the losers and their new beards afterwards.



This week we added another Shipping Expert into the craziness of the CK office and warehouse. But wait… there is more to this normal looking (yeah, I know that is a stretch!) guy. He has a secret identity! (Actually two of

them! Yes, we do psychiatric examinations on people before we hire them – you have to be a little weird and crazy to work here!) Rod is also a professional wrestler (or in Southern terms “wrassler”). His wrestler identities, just because we know we can trust all of you, are “Lightning Rob Bolt” and “Taco Grande”. Don’t believe me? Check out the pic below:

Rod 2

Nice pants, Rod! Haha! Please don’t ever wear those to work!


CK Birthdays

This week we celebrated two of our rockstar team members’ birthdays – Jason (Web Developer) and Martin (Senior Account Manager). Birthdays are always fun around here, you just never know what is going to happen or what your desk is going to look like when you get here. We went with a Star Wars team for Jason’s birthday. Including a few Darth Vader masks, his very own (tiny) Darth Maul dual light saber, a talking Yoda, and a high-powered nerf gun for when the light saber fails. Now for Martin’s area it was a unique mix of randomness. Martin has lovingly called the theme, ‘Birthday threw up on my desk!”. Which from the look of it, that is very appropriate. His team also thought it would be funny to steal things from him the whole week leading up to today; which he is still missing a good bit of his items. Happy birthday Jason & Martin! Enjoy!


CK Football

Are you ready for some football? Yeah, we are going through withdrawals over here at the CK office. In the meantime, we had another CK Warehouse vs. Front Office flag football game today. Of course it would happen to be the first day that we have seen sun during the day and the first 90 degree day (at least it felt like it) this summer. This time around the warehouse seemed to have a new secret weapon, refer to the new “Shipping Expert” pic above…yep, Rod is fast too! But they all played hard out there. The warehouse won 11-8 (touchdown count only). Congrats, guys!


Random Pic of the Week!

This is Geoff. (left) This is not abnormal for him and was not staged at all. You just never know what he is going to be doing or wearing around the office. Maybe he was going for the Flavor Flav (right) look? I have no clue… (I figured I needed to let you know who was who so you didn’t get them confused.)

Geoff - FF

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