Written by: Jason Gazaway

Top 25 Award

We had the privilege of being a part of the 2013 Pinnacle Small Business Awards last Friday. CablesAndKits was selected as one of the Top 25 Small Businesses our of the 150 businesses that were nominated this year.  It was a phenomenal experience for our owners, Craig and Christin Haynie, as well as the CK team.  It was very humbling being at the ceremony with such amazing, successful businesses that have shown significant growth and innovation over the past year.  We heard some great stories while there!


New Conference room and Sign

This week we wrapped up the redesign of our new conference room, which used to be our breakroom – we moved that to the warehouse and made it bigger! (View that blog post here.)  We are very happy with the way everything turned out.  The final touch was the new addition of the CK sign on the wall, which drastically changed the feel of the room.  We have already put the room to good use and we are amazed at how we could have possibly lived without it before.


Martin ANnouncement

This past week we announced another promotion of one of our rock star team members. Martin Dyhr was promoted to Senior Account Manager in our Sales department. Here is a little bit about Martin and his new position from Martin himself – “I am like a hybrid, but not a Prius! I do sell to key accounts but now I am responsible for managing my dept. I am also cultivating talent within our inside sales team to grow them into becoming end users. I support the overall business development with our account sales in general as well including the formation of certain standard operating procedures within quoting and outbound sales.” – Please join us in congratulating Martin!


CK Video Filming

Another VERY exciting activity we have had going on this week is the filming of our very first CK Intro video, along with our friends at Mighty 8th Media.  There has been tons of activity around the office with lining people up to speak, setting up for B roll shooting, and then having a little fun as well. (Which we all know is at the core of who we are, so it had to be in the video!) It was both inspiring and hilarious to listen to some of the responses to the questions that were being asked.  The questions ran the gambit from “What is your favorite core value?” and “What do you like best  about working at CK?” all the way to, “Star Trek or Star Wars”  and “Walking Dead or Game of Thrones?”. It really has been a great experience! We are looking forward to seeing the finished product and being able to share it with you. Stay Tuned!


Healthy CK Cookout

We wrapped up April and kicked off May with a “healthy” cookout, sponsored by our CK Wellness Team. We had some awesome food, some was very healthy and some not so healthy food, that would probably be considered more comfort food.  It was all delicious! It was a great time of fellowship across all the teams in the company, as well just a break from the daily norm around the office. It would have been a perfect day if the weather had decided to co-operate, it ended up being a little cloudy, windy and cool. We didn’t let that interrupt our good time though! We are already looking forward to our next “healthy” or “not-so-healthy” cookout!


Random picture of the week!

(I did not pick this picture, but the marketing team thought it was cool shot.)

Basically, this is a glimpse into what happens when you walk into the marketing department unannounced without food or goodies to bribe us. (You get a Nerf gun pointed at ya!)

Jason Nerf Gun

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