Written by: Jason Gazaway

Today we celebrated the upcoming Super Bowl weekend by having a “Healthy Food” Super Bowl party sponsored by the CK Wellness Team.  There was an AMAZING spread of food including guacamole, salsa, veggies and dip, even a chocolate cupcake with only 105 calories!  On a side note, for those of us who wanted to splurge a bit, there was an awesome buffalo cheese dip as well! Big thanks to the Wellness Team for inspiring the healthy food day!


Brian, from our Purchasing department, has mentioned to everyone how bad he needs a laptop here at the office. It seems his fellow co-workers helped him out with a “new” laptop that kind of meets his needs.  But what he didn’t realize is that he is WAY ahead of the times, because his new laptop converts into tablet as well – including  nifty drawing utensils!


Speaking of technology…we got a  new IT Manager this week! We would like to welcome Matt to the CK team. We are very happy to have someone new to haze…err…I mean join in the fun with around here.


The Sales department decided to have a “pajama” day today – forgot to tell the rest of us about it so we could join in, but our feelings aren’t hurt at all!  It did seem very relaxed over there, I mean of course most of them were so comfortable that by lunchtime they were all asleep at their desks…but that is normal for a Friday.


It was a “banner” week at CK! (Haha…I know…that is a very bad joke!) One of our awesome  educational customers sent us a picture of  their tech lab sporting the new “CK wear”  on their wall. Pretty snazzy, huh?

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