Written by: Mandy Bentley

It’s rare… to come to work during the Christmas season and have a true Christmas celebration. Never have I been a part of a company that celebrates with such authenticity. Not only in camaraderie amongst co-workers but also in the true spirit of Christmas. I mean, we had a real-life Santa come by and I think everyone took a picture with him! (some of the pics below!) And on his way out, he reminded us of what Christmas really is about, the birth of Jesus. I am just thankful that in a world that has gone completely PC I am able to come to a work place where everyone is accepting, loving and we can still have fun!


Mandy Bentley

Mandy is one of our "Rock Star" Inside Sales agents, but she is also know as our Cable Guru. Anything you want to know about cables, she's your lady! When she is not stunning us with her extensive knowledge of pop culture and organizing flash mobs for the CnK team, she enjoys spending time with her husband and wonderful baby boy.

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