Written by: Mandy Bentley

This past Saturday the employees here at CablesAndKits had an opportunity to do something really amazing!  Susan, our HR coordinator extraordinaire, notified us of an opportunity to serve our community along with an organization called Compassion in Action / 12Stone.  What better way to spend a beautiful, October, Saturday morning and afternoon than serving the Gwinnett County Special Needs School?!?!?

Our team met at 12Stone around 8am to sign in and change into the t-shirts that  the organization provided us.  Then we met in the auditorium for some motivational music and speaking.  As I entered the auditorium, I was taken back with the amount of people (around 2,200 to give you an estimate) that all chose to spend their Saturday morning serving others in our community  through several different projects.  For me, personally, it was one of the most incredible things that I have ever been involved with, and that is an understatement.

After some fellowship and song, we left 12Stone and headed to the special needs school to meet and talk about the day’s activities.  The improvements that needed to be made were:  clearing out two storage sheds, working on the school’s septic tank, clearing land for use to get a new building up in the near future, mulching the children’s playground and surrounding trees, staining decks, and other landscape projects around the entrance of the school.  We had a lot of work ahead of us, but we were all enthusiastic about what we came to do.  Before we got to work, the CEO of our company also spoke and made a generous donation to the school.  Everyone was quick to get to work.  As I looked around, I saw my peers all working together all for one purpose; to help serve those who do not have the same types of opportunities that the rest of us have.  The support that surrounded the school that day has impacted my life so greatly.   The only thing I wished was to see the children’s faces as they arrived  to school Monday morning.  Although that was not possible I know that the children are all grateful and know that they are cared about.

Below are a few pictures from the day’s events.  Stay tuned for more project blogs in the future!


The CnK team cleaning out the storage building

Craig, our CEO, using his Bob-Kitty 2.0


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