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Written by: Cris Anzai

I was recently given the opportunity, as a “new guy”, to give my first impression of CablesAndKits concerning the interview process. I guess, since it is still fresh in my mind, I can show you in vivid, accurate portrayal the events that occurred…or at least try to.

My first interview at CablesAndKits was your standard phone interview. Susan asked me a few questions and set up an actual interview with me the following week. I’ve been through several phone interviews before and this was your standard “get to know you before I meet you interview”. Everything after this interview wasn’t so standard.

The first interview I had with CablesAndKits was a group interview with the HR Manager, Susan, the Business Development Manager, Chris, and Alicia, one of the members of the sales team. The first thing I notice during the interview is that I am WAY overdressed. Here I am in a charcoal black suit and a red tie while the people around me are wearing jeans and tennis shoes. In the back of my mind I was wondering

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Written by: Jason Gazaway


If you are a frequent CablesAndKits blog reader, you may know that we like to lend a helping hand, or “PAW” in this case, whenever possible. We have participated in several community outreach projects over the last several months and I must admit, they all have been very touching experiences.

We volunteered at PAWS Atlanta a few weeks ago and it is something I will never forget. PAWS Atlanta, formerly known as the Dekalb Humane Society, was founded in 1966. They provide medical care, shelter, nutrition, basic training and love to homeless cats and dogs until their permanent, safe homes are found. PAWS is a no-kill shelter and they do not euthanize because of space constraints. They are a non-profit organization and rely 100% on donations, so we decided to help them out!

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Written by: Susan Barge

As a company, we love serving our community in many different ways.  In the past, we have done several hands-on projects, raised money, and collected food for various agencies. Of course, there are many people who need and ask for help, but the minute two young men approached me about supporting the North Gwinnett Robotics Club, I knew I had to bring it before the owners.  Why did we choose to support them, you ask?

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