Written by: Jonathan Stover

Note to self:

Do not take April Fool’s day off. Coworkers when armed with information like “man, I don’t see myself ever getting married”, or “man, I’m sure glad I don’t have to ask permission to go somewhere”, or the ever popular ”weddings are like funerals, only with better food” they tend to use it against you. One side of the coin it sucks having your wall spammed, but on the other side at least I know what they were up to. We work in an environment where nothing good comes from silence. If they did nothing, I would have likely taken Monday off too so that whatever they planted in or around my desk would have died or moved to another cube.

Never a dull moment……

Jonathan Stover (referred to by his team as “Juany” & “Dragon”) is Team Leader of our new Product Development/Purchasing team. He finds great satisfaction helping others reach their goals on and off the clock, and his outlook is “The glass is always half full”. With the energy level of a Tasmanian Devil, and the metabolism of a crack head, he systematically dismantles Vegas size buffets for fun.

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