Written by: Jason Gazaway

Whether facilitating the shipment of orders or scoring a goal, Daniel Cupsa (AKA “Frankie”) will exhaust all available resources in an effort to succeed. His entire motivation to step on the playing field is to put the ball in the back of the net. Frankie (who gets his nickname from a previous co-worker who called him Little Frankenstein, then shortened to ‘Lil Frankie, then just Frankie) is a supreme contributor to our indoor soccer team.

He plays the game like he walks (his hands straight out parallel to the ground and a blank stare blanketing his face 😉 ). We don’t know where he is going and he may not know himself, but I guarantee it will involve the ball and running towards the opponent’s goal. He will ricochet off a few players but maintain ball control until he is locked in red. Then it happens. It’s like the goalie already knows the velocity, flight trajectory, and has a 6th sense of where the ball is going; and blocks the shot. Daniel and the rest of us on the CablesAndKits soccer team seem to have this common problem with every goal tender. They are either really good or we are really bad.

So, I seriously predicted the outcome of this game incorrectly (refer to the last post), but how can I not be proud of the guys I’m playing with. We are losing by a margin that is unheard of in soccer, but everyone still shows up to the games ready to play. There is no whining or pre-admitted defeat. We go out there thinking we have a chance to win. The attitude is right on this team. We understand that we do not have the experience or talent that some of the other teams possess, but we won’t give up until the buzzer sounds.

Creating this team was never about putting together a world class soccer team or even a competitive team. It was about bringing together co-workers out of the office and having some fun. This soccer team has created another common denominator between myself and the other participating co-workers, and that my friends, is a real win.

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