Written by: Jason Gazaway

Ever since our fearless leader talked about CablesAndKits reaching out to the community my mind’s been churning. What could I do to help? My schedule’s full and time is short. I want to help but don’t have time to make a difference…

Then it hit me. Why not a food drive? Everyone has to eat, and everyone can contribute. So I suggested that as our first outreach project and that’s where we started!

We just finished collecting food for the North Gwinnett Co-op here at CablesAndKits. Below is part of my internal forum post about this project.

Donating food is one of the easiest ways we can help our community. The North Gwinnett Co-op is an outreach ministry in Buford and has an urgent need for food donations. They’ve seen a steady rise of not just homeless or poverty stricken families, but middle-class families coming for assistance. That’s scary and eye opening – let’s do something to help.

Many people are turning to food banks for the first time because of the economic climate:

• 99.4% of food banks and distribution agencies reported seeing more first time users in the last year
• 74% reported seeing more newly unemployed persons
• 48% of food banks and distribution agencies reported seeing a greater number of children in their food lines

Within the next week, a “donation center” will be put in place in the break room. Our goal is to collect 500 of the following items in 30 days (Aug. 12 – Sep. 12):
(please be sure food isn’t expired)

  • peanut butter and jelly
  • pasta and sauces
  • rice and boxed dinners
  • canned meats
  • canned fruits and veggies
  • bathroom tissue
  • paper towels

In today’s world, your situation can change in the blink of an eye through no fault of your own. What goes around, comes around. Helping others helps EVERYONE.

Our 30 day campaign has just ended and we collected 611 items!! Many thanks to everyone at CablesAndKits for making this possible and for your generosity.

If you would like to donate to this cause, you can do so by mailing a donation to:

North Gwinnett Cooperative
PO Box 672
Buford, Georgia 30515

Checks should me made out to North Gwinnett Co-operative Ministries. You can put “food donation” in the memo or leave it blank if you would like to allow them to choose how the donation will be allocated.

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