Written by: Jason Gazaway

The sun is tucked beneath the horizon and the vampires are out feeding. Everyone without fangs is dreaming of candy, tall glasses of Coke Cola, and “Snagless Ethernet cables”. Game 3 was scheduled at 11:00 p.m. This is two hours past my bed time! Am I supposed to be able to run around and try to catch up to a soccer ball at this time? I have trouble making it to the bathroom in the middle of night, let alone play soccer.

The roads are empty except for the few “lucky” ones, who along with us have been scheduled to play a Wednesday night soccer game at 11:00 p.m. Did I mention the game is at 11:00 p.m? We knew there would be a chance we would have some late games but we took it like our weather. There is a “chance” of rain this evening. I guess we really didn’t think we would actually get scheduled a game one hour before midnight.

Game three hit us where it counts, bedtime. A few of us were able to become zombies and “terror” our way to the haunted house (Atlanta Silverbacks Sports Center). The rest of us must have been picked off by vampires looking for a late night snack. So we played with 6. No subs, but we got the job done.

The ghosts were waiting for us when we stepped onto the field. We yawned at them. They flew past us and like a nightmare and we awoke to a score of 25-1.

Wait! Did we score a goal? Yes! We managed to get our first goal on our third game. It felt good. The other 25 goals meant nothing to us. We felt like rock stars! We slapped hands like we were 8 again. Our chins were raised so high that we had to lower them to get under the moon. It was our night that night, we felt like the Ghostbusters.

Who you going to call? GHOSTBUSTERS! I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

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