Written by: Jason Gazaway

I love the phrase “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and I like to add “Nor was it built by one person”. What am I trying to get at? Teamwork! I am not writing this blog to lecture you on the definition of teamwork, but express (like how I didn’t use the word explain?) the importance of that simple concept.

When I talk about teamwork at the workplace, I don’t mean everyone’s wearing the same shirt and clocking in and out in a synchronized fashion. Imagine teamwork as the fuel that drives a business and the more you have, the further you can go. Given that metaphor, CablesAndKits is a hybrid (even though our CEO drives a truck that drinks diesel fuel like I eat Tacos).

Metaphors aside, teamwork allows a company to achieve extraordinary results that individuals could not achieve on their own. We at CablesAndKits are all about exceeding customer expectations, and the only way we’re able to do so is through teamwork. We are constantly working together to come up with new ideas, set new goals, and accomplish those goals as a team. Not only does this help grow the company, but it helps everyone to feel involved, increases employee morale, and boosts performance.

Personally, I like to think of teamwork as less “me” and more “we”. Does that make me lazy? All we want to do is create a self directed team environment in which micromanagement is replaced by leadership.  The more you work on the “team” aspect of your team, the easier life gets, which anyone in management will tell you. Go ahead and ask…I’d love to hear some responses.

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