Written by: Craig Haynie

15 Months since the last post. FIFTEEN MONTHS! That is ludacris! (No, wait. Ludicrous, not Ludacris).

Sigh….. what happened?? Are we all just a bunch of fat faces too busy eating Krispy Kreme donuts to lick off our fingers and post a blooming message? It would seem so wouldn’t it. No….. that’s not it. (But please call first if stopping by so we can hide all the donut boxes).

Were we abducted by aliens? YES, but that’s a whole other story (plus, we weren’t gone long)

The truth is, we were all quarantined due to a very serious illness called Analysis Paralysis. You see, sometimes you can “thinkie too muchie” (Ancient Chinese Term) and do nothing instead of something. Our motivations were pure enough I guess, we wanted to provide you with useful content. The bad news is we were obviously not capable of sustaining that type of content and resorted to no content at all. The good news is that after detailed and prolonged analysis we realized the state of our condition and now we are on the road to recovery! (We think. Maybe we should re-evaluate just to be sure.)

We are certainly capable of providing quality content, so why haven’t we? We have been as busy as a one legged man in a butt kicking contest! (More to come later)

We are not technical writers. We are not professional bloggers. We are a bunch of people that know how to do what we do, and do it well. So we are going to blog about that. The most commented on post we have ever done was when Mike talked about Pepe Retiring. That type of post is “who we are”, and we are going to let you see more of that side of us.

So here we are. What’s next? Lots of posts that give you insight into who is I hope. Stay tuned. And hey, give us feedback! You are always welcome to email me directly if you like too.

By the way, Pepe has been enjoying his retirement. He works part time rolling up dust balls under the racks in the warehouse and pushes them out to be swept up every Thursday night. He has started smoking and drinking pretty heavy though, and we are trying to get him into a program. He has put on quite a few ounces too, not having to spin the wheel and all. He was also moonlighting as a stunt driver in the KIA Soul commercials but got fired on account of his drinking problem. We are thinking of sending him to a holistic addiction recovery/fat camp for a month or so to see if we can get him back to normal.

More to come!

Craig Haynie – CEO

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