Written by: Mike Daniels

CablesAndKits.com is proud to announce that Pepe, our beloved hamster, has been set free in the warehouse to spend his golden years dodging footsteps and hiding amongst the routers and rackmount kits.  For the past four years he has been the “four paws behind the magic” here at CableAndKits as he tirelessly powered our server by keeping that hamster wheel spinning.  As for Pepe’s replacement, we traded in his hamster wheel for a shiny new server complete with an Intel Xeon Quad Core processor, 4 gigs of RAM, super fast hard drives configured for RAID 10, laser beams, and an espresso machine!

Ok, all joking aside, my name is Mike and I’m a software developer here at CablesAndKits.com.  Our development team is proud to announce the we have successfully migrated our site to a brand new server.  Craig pulled out all the stops and got us a top of the line machine that should provide a better shopping experience to our customers for years to come.  The new server went online at approximately 5:45 PM EST on Friday, February 6 2009 and we promptly took the old server out back and gave it a gangland style beating similar to the fax machine scene in Office Space.

Although Craig forbids that his development team has any communication with the outside world (it will be interesting to see his reaction when he reads this), I will go ahead and say that we are constantly working on cool enhancements to our store and ask that you check back often to see the progress we are making.  And I really don’t mean to make Craig seem like a mean boss – since Pepe has retired the “boss man” has even allowed the other developers and myself 10 minutes each day to play with him in the warehouse!  Thanks for your patronage and happy networking!

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